Getting to know new people from Europe face to face – Doesn’t it sound a bit weird after such a long time of COVID-restrictrictions?
Probably it does, but nevertheless we had the chance within the Y2K conference in Denmark.

April 21, we started our trip. We travelled with trains and buses to Nørre Aaby and the Danish students welcomed us at the railway stations with Danish flags and much positivity.


To communicate with them in English went quite well – maybe a bit better than some of us had imagined. Each Danish student was responsible for one group from abroad, so we got to know the school step by step shown by “our” Danish student. Afterwards, there was dinner in a great dining hall in which all the Danish students and teachers eat together all the time. Next, there were some ice breakers to get to know each other better and to have less barriers in communication –  students from six different countries: Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy and Latvia. It was quite useful because in the first evening acquaintances were made. All the students slept in regular rooms of the Danish students, mixed up with all the different countries.


The next morning started with an early breakfast and an introduction followed. All the countries presented their schools, countries and the regions in which they live. It was interesting and also very useful to get to know the students a bit better. Subsequently, all the different schools built up stalls to present their country as a whole – typical food, the type of music and traditional outfits (we represented ourselves with “Dirndl und Lederhosen”). Many Danish students came and visited those stalls, and they were very interested in the different cultures.


We were able to visit the stalls as well and to get to know interesting facets of the cultures and even taste typical food. In this time there were always free spots for a snack, a break and just a good, interesting, or funny conversation with somebody. Afterwards we came to the most formal part and all the students – country after country – explained something matching the topic “Use your voice!”. The COVID pandemic, the Ukrainian-Russian war, the climate change and different opportunities to use your voice as a teenager – at school, in your region, in your country, in a global way – were thematized in these presentations. Personal experiences or people who actively use their voice were presented, too. Later there was an exchange about the idea behind using your voice as a teenager. This was a good opportunity to get to know more about the opinions of the different students and to state your own. In the evening there was the chance to join sporty activities or to just hang around and discover the big school with its great park.The next day was a travelling day. After a brunch we travelled to Odense, one of the biggest cities of Denmark, to visit the newly reopened museum about Hans Christian Andersen – a worldwide famous writer of fairytales and poems.


The museum was really modern and informed us all in a quite interesting way. Later the Danish people built up six groups – they tried to form them just with one student from the same country – and we discovered different places in Odense based on eleven pictures one teacher sent us. In the evening – back at school – there was a special wedding dinner which was prepared by the Danish students. It was very delicious, we had much fun. The evening was completed by a dancing event in which we learnt dances from different countries. The next day, April 24, was our last day in Denmark and after breakfast all the students said goodbye to each other to travel back home. It was a great adventure to get to know so many different people from many different countries and to learn much about the idea of using your voice as a teenager. We are definitely very grateful to have had such a cool trip after these long times of isolation!A great thankyou goes to all the participants – especially the Danish people who hosted us!

We are looking forward to hosting the students of our European partner schools next year.


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