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No. of students: 1350
Age group:
from 6 to 20+ys.
School Profile:

Who are we?
The Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule . . .
  • is a co-operative comprehensive school offering primary and secondary education,
  • has the official status as a Europeschool in Hesse,
  • is certified as an environmentally active school,
  • with an all day school with cafeteria and dining hall.
  • co-curricular activities on 5 afternoons 
  • all morning supervision in elementary school (grades 1-4)
  • integrated eduction of disadvantaged children
  • support programme for students with learning disabilities
  • stimulation of independent learning skills
  • careers´ service
  • education in natural sciences based on practical experience
  • basic education in computer skills
  • education in music: string orchestra, big band, choir 
    cooperation with Music School Biedenkopf
  • Modern Language Programme: 1st foreign language beginning in grade 1, bilingual lessons in Middle School and Grammar School branches
  • International Exchange Programme
  • development partnership programme with Kisomachi Secondary School in Tansania
  • Learning Resource Centre
  • off-campus teaching base in Weidenhausen

The school is one of the biggest of its type in the Land Hesse and is one of the few schools which cover the age groups from prep-school to grade 13.

At present 133 teachers teach 1630 pupils, of the latter 10% are non-German children, in two buildings (at a distance of 3 mins.).

The school offers voluntary afternoon activities five afternoons per week and all-day activities. Lessons of both the core curriculum and obligatory extra classes tend to include some afternoons, especially for the higher grades.

As the school admits and absorbs practically all children of the larger community, including the children with the need of special professional support (TLC) it truly reflects the rural social structure of our southern "Hinterland".

The school co-operates with about 25 schools in Germany and abroad, universities, educational planning organizations, teachers´ training centres, communities, churches, businesses, social institutions, clubs etc. in our area.

Integrated Foreign Language Program for a Multilingual Education
since the year 2005 the school has set up an experimental programme in order to give every student the opportunity to learn 2 European Languages; we hope to achieve this in the following ways:
  • English as the first foreign language (obligatory) from Grade 1
  • French as the second foreign language from Grade 5 (obligatory for a minimum of a half-term) alternatively Latin or an Arts and Crafts Course
  • bilingual lessons in History and Social Science in the Middle and Grammar Scholl branches (opt.)
  • participation of all students in work with the European Portfolio of Languages beginning in grade 5
  • development of modules for integrated multilingual teaching (English, German, French)

International Education
Since 1992 our school has been trying to reform its programme in five focal points:
  • Exchange programmes: 21
  • School partnerships/joint educational projects with 25 schools in:
    England, France, USA, Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Eire, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Tanzania
  • Intensive Language Courses in Italy, Spain, Russia.
  • Work-Experience Programmes in England, France, Italy, Denmark, Eire.
  • International Meetings dealing with topics like ecology, political education, and culture.

Ecological Education
  • certified as an Environmental School in Europe; programme for "Learning and Acting for our Future"
  • Ecological organization of the school (e.g. "Feucht- und Trockenbiotop", "Streuobstwiese" i.e. meadow with fruit trees), school garden, meteorological observation, arrangement of the school-yard, greening of façades.
  • Network of ecological-social learning in cooperation with communities, authorities, trade and industry, "Jugendwaldheim Roßberg", "Schulbiologiezentrum Biedenkopf".
  • International projects on energy-saving, alternative sources of energy, forests, waters.

Community Education
  • Scientific co-operation with the Universities of Marburg and Gießen and the German Institute for International Pedagogic Research (DIPF) in Frankfurt.
  • Manifold co-operation with communities, local youth organizations, the "Volkshochschule" (adult college, community college), kindergartens, trade and industry, social and health institutions, religious communities, and clubs in teaching and education.
  • Joint projects "Schule und Verein": Turnverein Gladenbach (sports and gymnastics ass.), Segelfluggruppe Bottenhorn (glider-flying ass.), Bienenzuchtverein Gladenbach (bee-keeping ass.), Reitersportverein Gladenbach (horse-riding ass.), Schachverein Gladenbach (chess ass.), Volkstanz- und Trachtengruppe Gladenbach (folk-dance and traditional costumes ass.), Kunst- und Kultur-Verein "Palette", Gladenbach (art and culture ass.), Geschichtsverein Blankenstein (local history ass.), Verein für internationale Partnerschaft Gladenbach (international partnership ass.).
  • Co-operation with the "Verein der Freunde, Förderer und Ehemaligen der Freiherr-vom-Stein-Schule" ( society of friends, sponsors and alumni, a body concerned with the Freiherr-vom Stein-Schule).

Reformpedagogical Orientation
  • Development of a school curriculum of the Europaschule by taking forms of action-oriented learning and cross-curricular projects into consideration.
  • Organization of class/grade teams in secondary education (in its initial stages).
  • Co-operation in "Hausgemeinschaften" (house communities) in primary school.
  • "Rhythmisierung" (planning of sequences of the work of the day/week/year).
  • Experiment-oriented exercises in the initial stages of science classes.
  • Career advice in the first and second stage of secondary streaming.
  • Development/consolidation of school as a place of learning and living and as a cultural community.

Afternoon School Programme ("Ganztagsangebote")
  • "Betreute Grundschule" (primary school children are looked after/cared for at school morning and afternoon) 1996: 45 pupils
  • School meals, supportive courses for pupils with poor performance, extra-curricular activities (1996: 1070 pupils)
  • Co-operation between teaching staff and adults dealing with extra-curricular activities, e.g. from clubs.
  • Aid and support for the integration of foreign children and children of German families from the former Soviet Union.

Special Facilities
The school disposes of the following special facilities (September 1997) thanks to the financial support of the Europaschule by the school authorities (L.E.A.).
  • dining-hall and cafeteria
  • multi-functional hall / gym (plus two further gyms)
  • central school library
  • "Lernwerkstatt Europaschule": teachers´ training and development centre
  • computer laboratories, access to the Internet, mail boxes for teachers and pupils
  • "Galerie in der Schule": art gallery
  • premises for work, spare time activities and games for teachers and pupils
  • "Freizeit- und Bildungsstätte Weidenhausen for "Landschulheimaufenthalte", international meetings, outdoor activities.

Offer for further Information and Teachers´ Training
We can provide information and training within the structure of our "Lernwerkstatt" about the following topics:
  • Curriculum of the Europaschule
  • English tuition beginning in grade 1
  • English bilingual streaming in grammar school
  • Intensive language courses and work experience programmes abroad
  • action-oriented tuition (French)
  • Tuition projects in the European school network and international meetings
  • Development partnership with a school in Tanzania
  • All day activities, also incorporating staff that doesn´t belong to the teaching staff of the school
  • School as a place for learning and living and as a cultural centre
  • School development and budgeting

We are interested in an exchange of ideas in the fields of evaluation and work organization.


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