Digital media in foreign language education

It is our aim to improve foreign language and bilingual education at our school by improving competence in the use of digital media in the classroom. With the aid of further education courses and class room visits it is intended to improve expertise in digital media so that pupils may receive lessons appropriate to 21st century requirements.

Through further training and class room visits we intend to build a team of qualified teachers who will become experts in the use of digital media.
Our school´s development should keep apace, not only with today´s standards, but also future requirements and therefore our teachers must be adequately prepared through further training courses.

By participating in these training courses the expertise of staff will be improved to a standard necessary for modern education and
the range of practice methods and teaching aids will be expanded .
We also hope to find new partners for our exchange program.

Measures taken, will be evaluated by participants according to specified criteria, here the project coordinator will be of assistance.

Results will be presented at our school but partner schools and affiliated schools will also be informed.
Information material will be available for all interested colleagues.

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