Berufsorientierung Europa

Many firms operate globally and employee mobility is a prerequisite. Students must be prepared to be mobile, adaptable and continually learning. There is a need for them to get to know the work place in other countries.

Six European countries, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Portugal and Turkey, with 280 pupils, hope to carry out this project. All of the teachers have experience in instructing vocational preparation. We want to support our students entirely according to their individual capabilities and skills so that after their schooling, they are prepared for the job market. We wish to avoid premature school leaving by helping the students realize their talents and abilities and developing these.

Exploring the career training environment and comparing one’s own competence profile with the requirements for training in European businesses are important prerequisites for career choice and a successful transition to the business and work world. With the aid of the career choice passport, pupils should come to terms with their own personal strengths (What can I do?) and with their interests, goals and commitments (What do I want?)

Actions to be undertaken are compiling a project homepage, work with the career choice passport, preparing presentations about companies in the partner countries, compiling CV and job applications, visiting the firms, the creation of an international job exchange market and skilled craft activities in the work experience field.

Our pupils should be motivated to apply their talents in the working environment. When pupils discover their own abilities this boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem. If we can achieve this goal, then lower grade students can participate together with higher grade students in projects without fear of inferiority. In particular, lower grade students must be encouraged so that with their abilities (e.g. in skilled trades) they can present themselves with complete confidence.

With this project we want to prepare our pupils for the labour market and to give them the opportunity of work experience in other European countries.
We want to equip our students for a life and career in a globally responsible Europe. This European dimension lies at the heart of our project and our schools.

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